Аркадий Натанович Стругацкий

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Arkady Strugatski, Arkadii Natanovich Strugatskii, Strougatski (Frères), and 100 others Arkadij Strugatsky, A Strugackis, Arkadij Strugaccy, Arkadi N. Strugazki, Аркадий Сругацкий, A. Strugatskij, Arkadij Strugacskij, Brat'ja Strugackie, Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky, Arkadij Natanovič Strugacki?, Аркадий Натанович Стругацкий, Arkadi Natanowitsch Strugatzki, Arkadij i Boris Strugackie, S. Vititskii, А. Н Стругацкий, Arkadiy Natanovitsj Stroegatskiy, Bracia Strugaccy, Arkadij i Borys Strugaccy, Ярославцев, Arkadi Strugatski, A. Strugațki?, Аркадий H. Стругацкий?, Арк. Стругацкий?, A. N. Strugackij, Arkadii Natanovich Strugatzkiy, Аркадзь Стругацкі, Arkady Strugatsky, Arkadiĭ Natanovich Strugatskiĭ, Arkadij N. Strugackij, A. Natanovič Strugacki, Arcady Strugatsky, Стругацкие, Arkadij Strugatzkij, Arkadiĭ Natanovich Strugat︠s︡kiĭ, アルカジイ, Arkadij Strugacki, Arkadi Strugațki?, А Стругацкий, A. Strugatzkiy, Strugackij, Аркадий Стругацкий, Аркадий Стругацки, Arkadij Strugatzki, S. Wititzki, A. i B. Strugaccy, A. Strugatski, Стругацкий Аркадий Натан улы, Arkadij Strugatskij, Аркадий Стругатский, Arkadi Strugazki, Arkadij Natanovič Strugackij, Arkādijs Strugackis, A. Strugackis, アルカジイ ストルガツキー, Arkady Strugcki, Arkadi N. Strugatzki, Ark Strugatskii, А. Стругацки?, A Strugat︠s︡kiĭ, А. Стругацкий?, A. Strugatzki, A ストルガツキー, A.N. Strugackij, A. Strugackij, Arcadi Strougatski, A. Strugatskiĭ, Arkadi Strougatski, Anatolij Strugacki, Arkadii Strugatskii, Arkadi Stroegatski, Стругацький Аркадій Натанович, Аркадий Стругацки?, Strugackie, Strugacki A, Arkadijs Strugackis, Arkady Strougatsky, Arkadij N. Strugackie, Strugatski, A. Strugazki, Bratři Strugačti?, Стругацкий, Arkadiĭ Strugat︠s︡kiĭ, А.Н Стругацкий, A. Strugatskii, A. Strougatski, Arkadi Natanovitch Strougatski, Arkadij Strugačtí, Arkadij Strugackij, Ark Strugatskiĭ, Strugačtí, Arkady Strugacki, Arkadij Strugacký, Arkadi Strugatzki, Arkadi Strugatsky, Arkadiï Natanovitch Strougatskiǐ, Ark Strugat︠s︡kiĭ, S. Jaroslavcev, Аркадзь Натанавіч Стругацкі, Akadij Strugackij, A. Strugacki
Aug. 27, 1925
Oct. 11, 1991

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Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky was born in Batumi, Russia. While he was a child, he moved with his family to Leningrad. In 1942, Leningrad was under siege and he left with his father, who did not survive the trip to Vologda. Arkady was later drafted into the Soviet Army, and in 1949 he graduated from the Military Institute of Foreign Languages in Moscow. He worked as a teacher and interpreter for the military until 1955. From 1955 he began to work as an editor and writer. In 1958, he began his lifelong collaboration with his brother Boris.

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