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Liu Cixin, Liu Ci xin, 慈欣 劉, and 7 others 慈欣 刘, 劉慈欣, Лю Цысинь, 刘慈欣, Ci xin Liu, Cixin Liu, 류츠신
June 21, 1963

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Liu Cixin (Chinese: 刘慈欣, pronounced [ljǒu tsʰɨ̌ɕín], l'yoh tsih-shin; born 23 June 1963) is a prominent Chinese science fiction writer. He is a nine-time winner of China's Galaxy Award and has also received the 2015 Hugo Award for his novel The Three-Body Problem as well as the 2017 Locus Award for Death's End. He has also been nominated for the Nebula Award. In English translations of his works, his name is given as Cixin Liu.

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