We want everything

the novel of Italy's hot autumn

202 pages

English language

Published March 3, 2016

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reviewed We want everything by Nanni Balestrini

Flashes of Brilliance

3 stars

Vogliamo Tutto ("We Want Everything") is the rallying cry of the workers in Nanni Balestrini's initially brilliant fictionalized account of Italy's Hot Autumn, a workers uprising centered around the country's large auto plants feeding on exploitation of displaced labor in a time of massive social transition.

The first several chapters are worth reading both for a sparse, novel approach to narration, and the straightforward expression of the ways in which workers understand their own exploitation without the need for theory or a hierarchical movement.

The narrative technique comes across as common talk, without literary pretension, as if the narrator were talking off your ear at a bar. In the early going, it's exhilarating, even if the translation (which somehow won an award for Italian prose translation) stumbles and mixes register, making the narrator sometimes speak like an educated Brit.

That's forgivable, but as the book progresses, it strangely wanders from …


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