The Charmed Wife

hardcover, 288 pages

Published Jan. 12, 2021 by G.P. Putnam's Sons.


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1 star (1 review)

A sophisticated literary fairy tale for the twenty-first century, in which Cinderella, thirteen years after her marriage, is on the brink of leaving her supposedly perfect life behind.

Cinderella married the man of her dreams--the perfect ending she deserved after diligently following all the fairy-tale rules. Yet now, two children and thirteen and a half years later, things have gone badly wrong and her life is far from perfect. One night, fed up, she sneaks out of the palace to get help from the Witch who, for a price, offers love potions to disgruntled housewives. But as the old hag flings the last ingredients into the cauldron, Cinderella doesn't ask for a love spell to win back her Prince Charming.

Instead, she wants him dead.

Endlessly surprising, wildly inventive, and decidedly modern, The Charmed Wife weaves together time and place, fantasy and reality, to conjure a world unlike any other. …

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this uncharming book

1 star

I'm so glad it's over. I can't remember caring less about both a character and story ever before...? I read this in two days but it felt like two weeks. The writing was one literary magazine byline above a neural network. I'm only giving this 1 star instead of 0 because I'm uncertain if leaving the stars blank comes off as "I didn't rate this" or "holy shit, that was fucking unbearable," but seriously, this was one of the worst books I've ever read. Pour one out for garbage. 🥂