Up, Simba!


English language

Published May 15, 2001 by Little, Brown and Company.

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"In February 2000, Rolling Stone magazine sent David Foster Wallace, "NOT A POLITICAL JOURNALIST," on the road for a week with Senator John McCain's campaign to win the Republican nomination for the Presidency. They wanted to know why McCain appealed so much to so many Americans, and particularly why he appealed to the "Young Voters" of America who generally show nothing but apathy. iPublish is bringing out the "Director's Cut" (3Xlonger than the RS article) of this incisive, funny, thoughtful piece about life on "Bullshit One" (the nickname for the press bus that followed McCain's Straight Talk Express. McCain may be out of the race, but as we gear up for the showdown in November, this piece is more relevant than ever in its discussion of what we know, don't know, and don't want to know about the way our political campaigns work."

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