Kindle Edition, 176 pages

Published April 29, 2022

5 stars (1 review)

Tru Willis refuses to feel sorry for himself.

Sure, he’s a barren rabbit shifter who has to spend his heat alone every year. And of course, he’d love to have a mate and children of his own. But he’s too busy nursing wild animals back to health and babysitting his cute nieces and nephews to feel lonely.

Until someone starts leaving gifts on his doorstep. Sweet, handmade gifts that make Tru feel special and treasured. The gifts all smell of alpha–an alpha Tru has never met face to face.

One day Tru finds a letter on his doorstep instead of a gift. In it, the alpha requests to help Tru through his heat. He even leaves a photo of himself, and he’s breathtaking.

But the stranger doesn’t offer anything else. Just one heat. Just a handful of days, and then he’ll be gone.

Can Tru handle giving himself to a …

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