A Song for a New Day

paperback, 384 pages

Published Feb. 4, 2021 by Head of Zeus -- An AdAstra Book.


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3 stars (3 reviews)

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Frustrating, Flawed

3 stars

This is a book about how society -- specifically musicians and music lovers -- deals with the fallout of a terrorist attack and some sort of deadly pandemic (the specifics are never really described). The book was published in late 2019, and a couple months later, musicians and music lovers were dealing with a deadly pandemic, so there's a lot of articles and reviews out there that describe it as a very apt and timely book.

But it did not work for me. For awhile I couldn't figure out what clanged for me, but ultimately I think my main issue is that it manages to paint the picture of a dystopia that is less dystopic than our current dystopia.

In the book, "anti-congregation" laws have been passed to protect people from disease and maybe terrorist attacks (that element gets dropped pretty quickly). It's unclear why these laws are still in …

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3 stars