Kindle Edition, 140 pages

Published Dec. 28, 2021

4 stars (1 review)

Tonight I meet my mate. I don’t know anything about him, including his name. According to fox shifter tradition, my parents chose him for me.

For the next month we’ll be living together in a remote cabin. That’s how fox shifters form a bond. We burrow with our intended for a full month of winter.

My mothers say my new mate is kind, and he won’t mind that I don’t look like other omegas. But I’m nervous. What if he’s disappointed?

Or even worse, what if he’s someone I could never bring myself to love?

Snuggle Season is a low angst MM romance with MPreg, knotting, and lots of cuddling. It’s set in the same world as Amy Bellows’ other shifter books, but it stands alone.

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