Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

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Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? (2023, Penguin Books, Limited)

English language

Published May 22, 2023 by Penguin Books, Limited.

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Drawing on her years of experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr Julie Smith's first book is a must-have handbook for instantly better mental health.   Filled with secrets from the therapy room, Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?  offers simple advice, effective strategies and powerful coping techniques to help readers stay positive and resilient no matter what life throws their way.   Written in short, bite-sized entries, in Dr Julie's warm and informal style, a reader can turn straight to the appropriate section depending on the challenge being faced - and immediately find tools to help. From managing anxiety, dealing with criticism or battling low mood, to building self-confidence, finding motivation or learning to forgive yourself, and much more, this book tackles everyday issues that affect us all and offers easy, practical solutions that might just change your life.

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A useful self-help guide

5 stars

'Why Has Nobody Told Me THIS Before' is written by clinical psychologist Dr. Julie Smith.

It explains how mental issues work, each chapter ends with useful exercises you can try yourself. This way, you can try working out problems you may have yourself.

If you need more help, the author urges you to get professional help. She acknowledges that help is not available for everyone. This is why she has a presence on social media channels to reach out with advice and excercises you can try.

I found it a very helpful book that I can recommend to friends who struggle with their mental help. Everything she says is grounded in solid scientific and psychological research.

Highly recommended!

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