Clarkesworld Issue 201

, #201


English language

Published May 31, 2023 by Wyrm Publishing.

3 stars (1 review)

1 edition

reviewed Clarkesworld Issue 201 by Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld Magazine, #201)

A better than average issue of Clarkesworld

3 stars

A better than average issue, with interesting stories by Dominica Phetteplace and Carrie Vaughn, with two emotional pieces, one humorous, one saddening, by David Ebenbach and Jana Bianchi.

  • "The Officiant" by Dominica Phetteplace: an official is asked to officiate at a wedding on an alien planet. But her requests for more information to perform the task are blocked until she grants them a 'vision'. That, she would not do, until she learns more about the nature of the visions, which she has been getting since childhood, and has affected society on her original planet and may be connected to the wedding of the aliens.

  • "Vast and Trunkless Legs of Stone" by Carrie Vaughn: Aliens request a first contact with humans, but only involving one individual. What takes place would be unexpected and involve what would represent humanity to the aliens.

  • "Day Ten Thousand" by Isabel J. Kim: various tales about …