Life on Pause

paperback, 250 pages

Published June 22, 2017 by Riptide Publishing.


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3 stars (1 review)

Sweet but uneven

3 stars

This book does one of my least favorite things and creates conflict by having one character knowingly lie to another character, and then continue the lie for an extended period while understanding that doing so is only making the situation worse. I’m not opposed to dishonest characters, it’s just that it’s far more interesting to me when characters are deceiving themselves as well. Otherwise I end up rolling my eyes and thinking “come the fuck on my dude” and it makes it hard to root for them, and I don’t read romance novels to /not root for the characters/.

The world building in this is great and generally was far more interesting to me than the angsty back and forth trust issues of the central romance. Rusty in particular felt a bit empty on the page; his sister seems to exist just to float in and out of his life …