Something Happened

Mass Market Paperback

English language

Published Nov. 12, 1979 by Ballantine Books.


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4 stars (4 reviews)

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4 stars

It was too long. Like life Ha ha. It was repetitive. Like an argument. Like the chorus of a song. Like sex. Like going to work. Sometimes it was amazing, but not enough for 5 stars. There's always a 5 star book ahead of you for you to fear being inferior to.

The something that happens was foreshadowed long before, but it's no longer significant. Its lack of significance is what is significant. Early on, we are asked, what happened to that perfect child? The one we start out as? The one our children start out as? Even the one that the retarded [SIC] child appeared to be before it became obvious he wasn't. Something happens to ruin the perfection and it's not clear what it is and when it does. We end up like Bob Slocum instead, or like his wife or his daughter. What is that something that …

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