Above the Rain

A Novel

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Víctor del Árbol, Lisa Dillman: Above the Rain (2021, Other Press, LLC)

480 pages

English language

Published July 7, 2021 by Other Press, LLC.

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 In this intricate tapestry of interwoven lives, Víctor del Árbol develops a deep and moving portrait of two elders. They come to know each other and their troubled family relationships as they leave their senior care home on the rugged southern coast of Spain on a voyage of discovery.returnreturnOne, Helena, is introduced in the opening chapters as a child living in Morocco in 1955. Her father has abandoned her and her English mother who, distraught, tries to drown herself and Helena in the sea. Flash forward to 2014, where she and the uptight former accountant Miguel, dealing with the onset of dementia, live in a posh but deadening senior residence.returnreturnHelena and Miguel could not be more different, yet their differences draw them together. In time they learn about their families. Both have estranged children, both had unhappy marriages and affairs that didn’t help them escape, and both had tortured …


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