Mediterranean Seafood

A Comprehensive Guide With Recipes

Mediterranean Seafood (Paperback, 2002, Ten Speed Press)

Paperback, 432 pages

English language

Published Sept. 25, 2002 by Ten Speed Press.

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From Mediterranean seafood is a topic as vast as the riches of that fabled sea itself. Written by distinguished food historian Alan Davidson (author of The Oxford Companion to Food), MEDITERRANEAN SEAFOOD is a seminal work of culinary scholarship. The new edition catalogs edible marine life and provides identifications in a dozen languages and over 100 line drawings. Davidson puts knowledge into practice with 240 skillfully presented recipes, culled from cuisines throughout the region. Davidson's work possesses the quixotic charm of the true enthusiast; his practical discussions are enlivened by touches of witty erudition that will delight those new to the subject, as well as readers steeped in the biology and culinary traditions of the Mediterranean. The original edition won the prestigious Glenfiddich Award for best food book and was translated into five languages. An essential reference for the gastronomically inclined traveler (or English-speaking resident) wishing to know more …

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