Discrete mathematics

elementary and beyond (Undergraduate texts in mathematics)

Discrete mathematics (2003, Springer)

290 pages

English language

Published May 22, 2003 by Springer.


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3 stars (1 review)

2 editions

Not very deep, a fun if meandering overview

3 stars

The topics are clearly explained at a leisurely pace, and I enjoyed the frequent, well thought out exercises. This is the rare mathematics textbook that includes answers to all the exercises, instead of, say, leaving you scratching your head for a month before you figure out you're chasing a careless typo.

One quibble: so many combinatorics problems are posed along the lines of "match up every girl with every boy" etc. and it's like, it's the 21st century, can we just, y'know, not?


  • Mathematics.
  • Computer science -- Mathematics.