E-book, 130 pages

English language

Published July 1, 2020 by HeterotopiasZn.

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The seventh issue of Heterotopias deals with unnatural realities. How can entirely unnatural worlds express agency and independence, as nature does from humanity?

007’s cover pieces focuses on the haunting hiking game Death Stranding, and the primeval landscapes at its center. In two companion articles, by Ewan Wilson and editor Gareth Damian Martin, we explore and document how these Icelandic and Scottish-inspired landscapes relate to ideas of human influence and memory.

Alongside this, other pieces explore the way nonhuman bodies shape game spaces, both through scale, such as in The Last Guardian and Moss, or in the strange mirroring of architectures of manipulation, in particular the connections between slaughterhouse architecture and videogame level design.

Also in this issue is a survey of the now-complete five acts of Kentucky Route Zero, and how developer Cardboard Computer’s magical-realist odyssey engages with the history of New Media art. Finally, this issue is rounded …

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