Among Gods and Monsters

(Fallen Gods Series Book 2)

Paperback, 274 pages

Published March 24, 2019 by ‎Endless Night Publications.


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“Look at you, as sweet as springtime, your heart and soul both. Would you destroy all of that to bring about your love’s return?”

The dead lay gone but not forgotten. War has sparked in the demonic realm of Sha’Demoni, ignited by the wrath of a vengeful goddess seeking recompense for her daughter’s death – and she deems Flowridia responsible. Meanwhile, Flowridia embarks on a journey with Imperator Casvir of Nox’Kartha, the mysterious patron of her powers. Casvir’s assistance in her kingdom’s quest to stop the reborn God of Order could ensure victory, but not without its own costs. After all, he who writes the contracts writes them in his favor.

Flowridia’s powers flourish under Casvir’s tutelage, manifesting in talents beyond her nightmares and dreams. With the strings of life and death held in her grasp, destiny might come at the cost of her soul.

All the while, Flowridia is …

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