Blood of the Moon

(Fallen Gods Series Book 3)

Paperback, 335 pages

English language

Published Aug. 31, 2019 by Endless Night Publications.


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"Warm her heart. Cherish it. Kiss her as you slit her pretty throat."

Successful in her quest, Flowridia returns to Staelash for a joyous affair—the long awaited wedding of Marielle and Zorlaeus, an event promising to seal her kingdom and Nox’Kartha as allies. But the price of Ayla’s return, and the sacrifice it demands, weighs heavily on her heart. To do nothing means to live a life of loneliness, but to act would condemn her eternal soul.

Meanwhile, Etolié wades through the cesspool of politics, yet drowns in a loneliness she cannot voice in words. The news of Khastra’s new position in Nox’Kartha forces her to confront a few harsh truths of her past, as well as her place in her dearest friend’s life, if she has a place at all.

For Flowridia’s mission to be complete, she must make allies of enemies—including enemies thought dead. And Etolié finds herself …

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