Planetary Destruction Is Imminent and All I Got Is This Stat Menu


English language

Published Sept. 11, 2023 by J.J. Ackerknecht, Podium Audio.

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Infinite power at your fingertips—but will it be enough?

Following her victory against the aliens in Washington, Anya Nowicki has allied herself with the Department of Extraterrestrial Research and Defense: a newly formed organization headed by the shrewd Director MacDougal. Other hosts for the Archive, like Anya, have also joined the DERD, dedicating their time and efforts to honing their supernatural abilities and searching for whatever aliens remain on Earth.

The hostile creatures known as gnosiphages have gone into hiding, but they have not remained idle. Hosts have been vanishing overnight, along with many civilians all across the globe. Something is still out there, stalking mankind, building its own power. It will take everything Anya has, and all her friends working together, to save the Earth from the apocalyptic crisis rushing towards it.

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