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How I Became the Accidental Warlord of Arizona


English language

Published July 17, 2023 by Podium Audio.

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The algorithms predicted that Nu-Earth would fall, that all Nu-Earth humans would soon be extinct.

The algorithms didn't understand Tyson Dawes.

After pacifying the old Earth underground military base and defeating the Sleem, Tyson Dawes and Silken Sands are flush with new items and morties. But the Dearth Conglomerate has been circling over them in Arizona, and they want his land.

Which wouldn't be such a problem if the boss weren't such an incompetent and spoiled child.

Bad business decisions, cronyistic impulses, and an unrelenting invisible hand continue to hem in Tyson and his Nu-Earth refugees. Allies fall, and life, already cheap, moves to the discount bin as he's forced to face the bottom line.

This story features an amalgamation of Amazon, Walmart, every service fee, sales algorithm, membership perk, advertising jingo, Microsoft mascot, and insane discount that you have ever experienced in your life coupled with the madness of …

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