Awakening Anne

, #Book 1

Paperback, 172 pages

English language

Published by Indie / Self-Published.

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3 stars (2 reviews)

At first glance, Margaret Ward appears like any other heiress living a charmed life on the upper east side of Manhattan. Behind the door of her peculiar parlor, Maggie delves into the secrets of the unknown, exploring her talents as a spiritualist medium. When she holds a séance for a grieving widower, she discovers the dark mystery behind his wife’s death. The farther she goes to discover the truth, the more she uncovers about the nature of the world beyond life itself, and the more dangerous her pursuit becomes…

This story is the first installment in a journey of rebellion, self discovery, and staying true to one's passions. Maggie is a spirited and independent woman, alongside a cast of colorful characters including her fastidious older brother, a mysterious widower, her bold best friend with a passion for women's suffrage, and an eager academic who has dedicated his life to the …

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