Norwegian Wood

389 pages

English language

Published July 10, 2003 by Vintage Books.


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4 stars (2 reviews)

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4 stars

This is the kind of book that stays with you. A coming-of-age story of a boy, who is as confused with his emotions as he is conflicted in the matters of heart. Despite essentially revolving around a love story, the book throws some light behind the disturbing and complex cases of deaths & suicides while forcing you to think about living in the present and enjoying life to the fullest.

This was the first Murakami for me, and I’ll surely be reading more of his books. Although originally being in Japanese, the translated version doesn’t feel translated at all, despite some hiccups here and there. All the characters are solid as well as interesting and the prose is beautiful. Some of the lines manage to bring a sigh from the hopeless romantic in me!

I’ll leave you with an excerpt:

“I have always loved [person A], and I still love …

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4 stars