The Path of Ascension 4

eBook, 521 pages

Published by Aethon Books.

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3 stars (2 reviews)

After participating in the Empire's vassal war, Matt, Liz, and Aster now have a fire nipping after their heels. Or rather, their new manager, Luna. And she demands their best at all times, or she will drive them off The Path of Ascension.

With the Tier-10 tournament looming in front of them, the gang is going to have to dig deep if they want to continue on the path, but Luna isn't the only one who has plans.

Can Matt, Liz, and Aster survive the machinations of a Tier-40 who has created several Ascenders before? Or will they simply be another statistic on The Path?

Don't miss Book 4 of this action-packed fantasy adventure that blends everything you love about LitRPG with Xianxia.

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