The Hedge Wizard 3

, #3


English language

Published Sept. 25, 2023 by Alex Maher, Podium Audio.

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4 stars (1 review)

Scarred by the Remnant Realm, Hump must reclaim his soul.

Hump and his companions return to Sheercliff City to find a region plagued by monsters—bad news for most, but for a hedge wizard, it's just good business.

With the gorger dead and the bond with his unhatched dragon growing quickly, Hump looked forward to some ordinary adventures. Yet trouble finds him as the Inquisition arrives, accusing him of his master's murder. It seems there is more to the old man's death than he believed.

Countess Daston offers him a way out—in exchange for her protection, his party is enlisted to fight the monster surge. Warlocks walk the city streets, and newly spawned dungeons threaten the city's existence. To survive, Hump must consolidate his strength and delve deeper into the potential of the Book of Infinite Pages.

The White Flame will be born.

The Hedge Wizard 3 is book three in …

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