Kindle Edition, 577 pages

Published Dec. 27, 2022

5 stars (1 review)

Pride comes before the fall. Or so they say.

Cursed with the deadly sin of Pride, failure isn’t an option for Alastair. Win at all costs. With the war intensifying, the stakes are higher than ever. Sacrifices must be made. Throw in the awakening of a soulmate bond on top of that, and things have never been so complicated. Especially when that soulmate is an angel with icy eyes but whose touch is surprisinly warm.

What happens when your fated mate is the one person you’re forbidden to love?

Lazarus has lived an obedient life of a celestial warrior. Taking nothing for himself. Tossing aside all desires. Fate has other plans. One kiss. That’s all it takes for the emotions he sealed away to surge forward. But is loving Alastair worth falling for?

War is unpredictable. And as the final battle approaches, hearts—and lives—are put on the line. It all …

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