(Moskau-Stalingrad-Berlin-Trilogie #1)

Moskau (Hardcover, German language, 1962, Bertelsmann Lesering)

Hardcover, 508 pages

German language

Published July 11, 1962 by Bertelsmann Lesering.

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It is a fantastic book about the first months of German attack on Russia in 1941. It shows the corruption in the state but also the morals of real Russian patriots and German soldiers' despair. Parts of it are like a kind of chronicle without much artistic value, but parts (and book merits to be read because of them!) are masterpieces specially those depicting the ambiance of Russian winter, inner lives of soldiers at both sides etc. The anti-fascist and anti-totalitarian message is very strong but artistically integrated in the text. It is not a great book but it is very valuable for those who love the subject. The continuation ("Stalingrad") is even better! "Berlin" I did not find yet.

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