Secret Specter

A Heart-Stopping Thriller of Deceit and Espionage - A Rebecca Hawke Thriller

Published by Independently Published.

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5 stars (1 review)

The secrets she carries could either save a nation or doom it. Her name is Rebecca Hawke, and she's the only one who can stop the fire.

Rebecca Hawke, born into the clandestine depths of the Secret Specter program, finds herself running for her life. Fleeing not only the sinister clutches of the rogue CIA unit that raised her but also the very agency she once served and the country she loves. Yet, her most relentless pursuer is the haunting reflection of her own existence.

Trapped in a body that refuses to age, Rebecca battles a relentless tide of self-doubt, her psyche a battleground for inner demons that refuse to rest. Just when she believes she's escaped her past, her former CIA handler resurfaces, bearing news of a Russian sleeper agent within the Agency itself—a sleeper with a singular goal: to reduce the United States to ashes.

With the clock …

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