Whispers of Eden: A Tale of Two Hearts and the Town That Bound Them - An Edenbrook Romance

Published by Independently Published.

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In the charming small town of Edenbrook, where wildflowers color the meadows and old-fashioned charm meets modern luxury, two hearts collide in a romance that defies all odds.

Meet Adam Carter, the brooding and enigmatic billionaire CEO of Carter Enterprises, who inherits the Edenbrook Inn—a once-thriving country retreat. Adam's icy demeanour and business-driven focus clash with the warm and lively spirit of the town.

Enter Emma Bennett, a free-spirited and compassionate event planner who adores her small-town life and cherishes Edenbrook Inn's memories. Determined to preserve its legacy, she vows to make the inn thrive once more.

When Adam arrives in town to sell the inn and turn it into a resort, sparks fly as he clashes with Emma. Their opposing personalities sparks something special.

As they work together on a high-profile event at the inn, Adam's guarded heart begins to thaw in the presence of Emma's genuine warmth. Emma, …

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