The Extinction Event , #1

eBook, 464 pages

Published July 18, 2023 by Anthem Press.

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FROM MILLION-COPY BESTSELLER JASPER T. SCOTT They come out to hunt us at night… Adam and Kimberly Hall are enjoying a quiet suburban life with their daughter, Crystal, and their dog, Bowser, when an emergency message flashes up on their phones—meteor impact imminent, seek immediate shelter.

Minutes later, the shock wave rages through South Austin like a hurricane, and they’re left to pick up the pieces. But as dusk begins to fall and horrific creatures come crawling out of the impact craters, they realize that they’re under attack, and the attackers are not from Earth.

After the initial encounters turn deadly for his neighbors, Adam realizes that they can’t stay in the city. He has an old Army buddy with a ranch in Texas Hill Country. They have to get there before it’s too late.

Nightstalkers is a post-apocalyptic invasion story for fans of The Last of Us and A …

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