Under Bethel

eBook, 395 pages

Published Nov. 25, 2021

4 stars (1 review)

Hundreds have disappeared into the Hole, a passageway hidden under the Highlands of Scotland. After years of ignored recovery wishes, the Hole’s ownership has passed to disgraced heiress Elisabeth Wingate.

Despite her scandalous past, Elisabeth yearns for redemption. Determined to make amends, she offers to finance an expedition to recover the bodies lost within the Hole. But there's one catch: she insists on joining the caving team.

But they’re not alone down there . . .

Everything goes wrong in the darkness. Elisabeth is split from her group, thrust into a labyrinth of caverns and inexplicable chambers of carved stone. With dwindling supplies and failing light, she must escape the creatures hiding in the dark. Before they claim another victim Under Bethel . . .

Mullins returns to dreadful horror in this tense, creepy, and atmospheric tale of the shadowy things that linger in the deepest chasms of the world …

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