Riding Out

A Journey of Love, Loss and New Beginnings

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Simon Parker: Riding Out (2023, Summersdale Publishers)

English language

Published Nov. 24, 2023 by Summersdale Publishers.

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5 stars (1 review)

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5 stars

Wow! I have just finished this book I’m now attempting to find some words to describe this book (gets out thesaurus). Dazzling, Astounding, Gut-wrenching, Remarkable, Kick-Ass. There ya go a few words to give you an idea of just how good this is. I’ve read a few books now which cover the events of the Covid pandemic but none feel quite as important as this one, a proper good piece of journalism looking into how the lockdowns and incompetent government affected the people of Scotland and England, with a big focus on mental health.

Simon Parker is a travel journalist and was unable to work during the lockdown, he was dealing with the loss of a childhood friend, unable to pay the mortgage and overwhelmed by everything that was going on, so what he did was try to escape it all by going on a cycling journey. Starting off in …