Three Tales Of Frontier Horror

eBook, 77 pages

Published Aug. 3, 2023

4 stars (1 review)

An Outcast Warrior turned bounty hunter has his wits and reflexes tested when escorting a most unusual prisoner across the Mojave…

The courier is revered and sought after for his reliability and impeccable track record, but when a sordid stranger hires him to deliver a strange artifact to a well known practitioner of the occult, his life changes forever…

Hell hath no fury like a redheaded, pistol toting woman scorned as Maylene Baker navigates a world blighted by a parasitic scourge in an effort to find her husband…

This ain’t the west you read about in history books. In Beauchamp’s twisted vision of the pioneer country, the arroyos house abominations.

Best keep that trigger finger limber.

Hell comes at high noon.

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