eBook, 424 pages

Published Nov. 21, 2023

5 stars (1 review)

New York Times and #1 Audible bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson, explores an alternate reality in which the events of Project Nemesis, soon to be a TV series from Chad Stahelski (director of John Wick 1 – 4) and Sony Pictures Television, played out very differently, creating a horrific and thrilling new world where sacrifice and vengeance are part of everyday life.

From the ashes of a devastated Boston, a harrowing legend emerges. Thirteen years prior, the colossal kaiju, Nemesis, ravaged the city in her relentless pursuit of retribution. Today, mankind's survival teeters on the sacrificial offerings atop a chilling monolith known as The Altar, where the condemned pay the ultimate price to prevent Nemesis's wrath from consuming humanity.

Agent Graham, a grizzled operative on the brink of retirement, finds himself tethered to the fiery, untested Agent Tilly. Together, they are the unlikeliest of partners within the Nemesis Special Operations group, …

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