Notes on Becoming a Comrade

144 pages

English language

Published Dec. 1, 2022 by Common Notions.

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**A powerful call-to-action that explores the risks we must take and the solidarity we must practice for us all to be free. **

Many people are searching for how to answer the call for social justice in politically responsible ways—while navigating the tricky landscape of identity politics, allyship, and meaningful solidarity. How do our political commitments to freedom depend on awareness of others’ stories and histories in a damaged world so interlaced with violence and oppression?

Addressing this question through an anticolonial, internationalist feminist framework, Notes on Becoming a Comrade charts a visionary path from diverse walks of life to a shared project of liberation. In humble, generous, lithe prose Dhillon brings her experiences to life—foregrounding relationality, trust, humility, critical self-reflexivity, and learning as the cornerstones of being a good comrade in struggle.

Notes on Becoming a Comrade showcases the myriad responsibilities we all have to fight against colonialism and …

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