Tarzan of the Apes


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Set amidst the vibrant colors and sounds of the savage African jungle, this classic work, rich in suspense and action, has beckoned generations of readers on a glorious journey to romance and pure adventure. This is the story of the ape-man Tarzan, raised in the wild by the great ape Kala, and how he learns the secrets of the jungle to survive -- how to talk with the animals, swing through the trees, and fight the great predators. As Tarzan grows up he makes many friends: Tantor the elephant, Ska the vulture, and Numa the lion. When this paradise is invaded by white men, Tarzan's life changes, for in this group is Jane, the first white woman he has ever seen. Speaking directly to our childhood fantasies, this exhilarating work takes us to that faraway place in our minds where dreams prevail, and where we, too, can be masters of …

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Review of 'Tarzan of the Apes' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

I read this years and years ago as a lad and loved it, a real proper adventure story. Now after a re-read my opinion hasn't changed, it is still a bloody good read.

It seems to be one of those classics that doesn't get read as much as it deserves. Don't let the many movies and Disney cartoon put you off, the book is nothing like them. This is incredibly violent, Tarzan fights with lions, apes, gorillas and men, each of these fights are to the death, armed with only a knife and his killer instinct the battles are well written and very graphic.

I think this might even have one of the earliest forms of "will they, wont they", which these days gets used a lot! You get some comedy included to break up the darkness, Professor Archimedes Q. Porter and Samuel T. Philander play off each other well …

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5 stars
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