Desert (The Anarchist Library)

English, German, Greek language

Published by The Anarchist Library.

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Existential crisis, but like, in a good way?

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So, this one has been on my list for a while, and I finally got around to it when I realized I could browse The Anarchist Library on the cash-register screen at work.

In combination with a subsequent drug-aided empathic interaction with a tick, this threw me for quite a spin, not quite knowing how to value or relate to life, death, and all that juicy metaphysical stuff.

Now, a couple weeks later, and having interspersed these chapters with some somewhat more cheerfull - or at least less gloomy - green anarchist theory, I've come out the other end closer to myself and my immediate surroundigs.

tl;dr: I can't put this into stars, but I spend way more time watching insects and listening to birds now.