The numbers game

why everything you know about soccer is wrong

Paperback, 384 pages

English language

Published July 15, 2013 by Penguin Books.


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4 stars (4 reviews)

Moneyball meets Freakonomics in this myth-busting guide to understanding and winning the most popular sport on the planet. Innovation is coming to soccer, and at the center of it all are the numbers -- a way of thinking about the game that ignores the obvious in favor of how things actually are. In The Numbers Game, Chris Anderson, a former professional goalkeeper turned soccer statistics guru, teams up with behavioral analyst David Sally to uncover the numbers that really matter when it comes to predicting a winner. Investigating basic but profound questions -- How valuable are corners? Which goal matters most? Is possession really nine-tenths of the law? How should a player's value be judged? -- they deliver an incisive, revolutionary new way of watching and understanding soccer. - Publisher.

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