de AS 168

Voedsel (de AS #168)

Paperback, 84 pages

Dutch language

Published July 24, 2009 by Stichting de AS.

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De AS (Anarcho-Socialist) (also called De AS) is a Dutch anarchist quarterly, published by De AS Foundation in Moerkapelle. The first issue appeared in December 1972.

De AS appears in the form of special issues and once per year in the form of a Yearbook Anarchism. Sometimes, these two appear together, as is the case with number 156 (Winter 2006). Sometimes there are also double numbers. The themes followed by the 13th Yearbook Anarchism concern uprooting of Europe. The aim of De AS is to develop an anarchist vision regarding the social environment (from politics to art) as well a critique of the point of view of anarchism.

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