Beyond the Fringe: An Arcana Imperii Collection

, #1.75


English language

Published Dec. 31, 2023 by Gollancz.

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Return to the Universe of the ARCANA IMPERII with a collection of novellas from Miles Cameron.Following the events of ARTIFACT SPACE, the galaxy continues to change and expand. Frontiers are challenged and what was once a safe space becomes contested, hostile, and unpredictable.From normal people caught up in the unstoppable machinations of politics and war, to spies faced with making the ultimate sacrifice for their nations, these stories follow the DHC as it faces a challenge to everything it holds dear - human rights, fairness and equality. When a rogue system questions their values and power, how can they stay true to their beliefs and protect their citizens?And what are these rumours about new aliens lurking beyond the edges of known space?

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  • Science fiction