A LitRPG Adventure , #02

Paperback, 472 pages

Eng language

Published Feb. 7, 2023 by Independently published.

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4 stars (1 review)

New system? Check. Companions? Check. An accidental soulbound murder bunny with aspirations of becoming a chef? Check.

It’s not easy being a System Traveler. Well, the traveling part is hard, at least. But once Derek got his feet under him, he hit the ground running, saving an entire area from a massive dungeon overflow in the process. He even found some companions to help ease the massive hole inside him formed from spending decades alone in the void.

Now, it’s time to move on to another adventure–from small villages to a city.

His only experience with a noble left a bad taste in his mouth, and cities are full of them. Hopefully, that experience was an outlier. Surely his view of nobles is just swayed by tropes beaten to death in popular fiction, right?

Well, he’s about to find out as he takes a step into his first city in …

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