A LitRPG Adventure , #03

Paperback, 488 pages

Eng language

Published May 22, 2023 by Independently published.

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4 stars (1 review)

House Gracefall wasn’t anything like what Derek had imagined it would be. Instead of rage and anger at the loss of one of their young masters, House Gracefall showed humility and even apologized.

Despite one noble house exemplifying honor and nobility, another awaited to reinforce the negative stereotypes that Derek had been anticipating all along. Somehow, out of all that, Derek made a new friend, a new business partner, and learned some secrets, while Silvi got her first taste of the real world of cooking...and loved it.

With his success rate of meeting nobles being at fifty-fifty, Derek and company have now ventured forth to a new city. What will await them there? What are the odds that he can go two for three on noble families? Will Silvi get her own kitchen?

He plans to answer these questions and more as he and his companions enter Savannah, the business …

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