Trials of Cydaria

He didn’t know he was looking for a home until he found one , #04

Paperback, 436 pages

Eng language

Published Aug. 10, 2023 by Independently published.

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4 stars (1 review)

Savannah was unlike any city Derek had ever been to. For the first time since his arrival in Cydaria, Derek actually met a respectable city lord. Natalie Savannah and the city she ruled were much more than he’d imagined.With this combination, Derek made the decision to put down roots by building a shop from scratch and moving his people in. He was even able to get Silvi the beloved kitchen that she so desired, along with personally meeting Alanah Swan and learning new things about the new system he was thrown into—things that only someone who was truly strong would know.Not only that, but with his help, the Kingdom of Cydaria was able to find and deal with a threat from within in the form of Gerald Torith. With the threat of Torith now taken care of, Derek can finally relax knowing that the terrible man can never use those …

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