System Interference

With those he cares about safe and sound in the city of Savannah, Derek sets off to help another. , #05

Paperback, 408 pages

Eng language

Published Feb. 14, 2024 by Independently published.

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After a successful auction, the young Prince Edgar requested Derek’s help on an issue that concerned the safety of the entire Kingdom of Cydaria. A new, level 250 raid dungeon appeared, and Edgar needed the kingdom’s elite to help clear it before the unstable dungeon overflowed, or even worse, broke.

Leaving his shop in the trusting hands of Malorie, and with everyone’s insistence that he go, Derek agreed to the prince’s request and joined him and the others on the raid. However, the dungeon wasn’t what anyone was expecting, and when they went inside, they found that it was a trial dungeon: A dungeon with various trials and obstacles one must overcome to complete it.

Not only was a trial dungeon rare and virtually non-existent in raids, but the entire dungeon was also under a time dilation—causing the time inside the dungeon to pass at a different speed than the …

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