Azarinth Healer Book 2

Book 2 , #02


Ebook, 719 pages

English language

Published April 20, 2023 by Kindle Edition.

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4 stars (1 review)

Still haunted by her encounter with the Taleen Praetorians, Ilea makes her way south to join the Shadow’s Hand and hone her skills. Having fought alongside members of the infamous mercenary order, she hopes to meet kindred spirits who share her completely reasonable passion for battle, adrenaline, and near-death experiences.

She is looking for a team to rely on, to punch, and get punched by. Because every ‘friendly yet bloody’ sparring match levels her resistances and makes her a little bit harder to kill. She might even stick around for a while. So long as the food is good.

This guild of high-level warriors is the perfect place to grow and recuperate. To take a breath after the non-stop elven attacks, dungeons, necromancers, and Taleen murder machines. Ilea jumps headfirst into her newfound challenge, unaware of the fresh dangers already beginning to stir throughout Elos. Even their Shadow’s Hand training …

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  • Litrpg