The Night Tiger


Published Dec. 1, 2020 by Da Kuai Wen Hua.


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3 stars (2 reviews)

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Magical realism not my thing

3 stars

I was curious to explore some magical realism, and it's probably not my cup of tea. It was very slow and too “dreamy” for me. The premise is intriguing and what kept me going was the mystery about the lost finger and the weretigers. Lots of people losing fingers on this one. It brings interesting cultural elements, with references to mythology and folklore of Malaysia. I feel Magical realism is not my thing. Everything happens in the real world (1930s colonial Malaysia), real places, real cultural references, but at the same time there is this uncanny mysticism and I don’t trust any of the characters. I think my suspension of disbelief doesn’t work well while reading this genre.

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2 stars