The Gypsies


English language

Published Sept. 11, 1987 by Waveland Press.


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“Gypsies have always fascinated outsiders, but what has been written about them has usually been a mixture of romance and legend. For the Gypsies are a proud and secretive people, determined to live in their own way, deliberately turning away from the modern world - yet managing to live off it by their wits. Jan Yoors is the first person to write about them as an insider. His book is a sensitive and highly readable portrait of a mysterious people. He tells of their exultant celebrations, of their ancient customs and traditions - the Kris, when the elders sit in judgment on a member of tribe, the ritual curse, with its frightening power - of all the traditions that enshroud this fierce nomadic people which has taken our settled Western world as its hunting ground. He writes about the more practical side Gypsy life … the daring frontier crossings, the …

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