No Tiger

No Tiger (Paperback, Apocalypse Party)

Paperback, 84 pages

English language

Published by Apocalypse Party.

3 stars (1 review)

A girl is under fire from terrible psychic weaponry. Lizard women fornicate under corroded skylines. Gore & bodypower is the present order. Identity fragmentation within forever violence. Evil bodies cannibalized in the space of hostile entities. NO TIGER is sending urgent transmissions from the infinite battlefield. It wants to communicate something to you. Standby.

venom round

3 stars

Slim volume of gun oil poetry // a series of shock therapy sermons embedded in a 240p stream of gorecore hentai // a transmission of glitching dismemberment delivered via drone strike.

NO TIGER is a parasite signal loaded into an assault rifle, scavenged from a charred desert corpse. Beneath its caustic surface noise is something gut-wrenchingly human / something stained bloody / something like a body, a girl, a process, a loss.