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Romeo & Juliet (2009, HarperTeen)

Mass Market Paperback, 376 pages

English language

Published Aug. 18, 2009 by HarperTeen.

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These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume.

When Romeo first lays eyes on the bewitching Juliet, it's love at first sight. But though their love runs true and deep, it is also completely forbidden. With family and fate determined to keep them apart, will Romeo and Juliet find a way to be together?

William Shakespeare's masterpiece is one of the most enduring stories of star-crossed love of all time. Beautifully presented for a modern teen audience with both the original play and a prose retelling of the beloved story, this is the must-have edition of a timeless classic. (back cover)