A Really Good Day

How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life


Published Jan. 24, 2017 by Random House LCC US.


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"In an effort to treat a debilitating mood disorder, Ayelet Waldman undertook a very private experiment, ingesting 10 micrograms of LSD every three days for a month. This is the story--by turns revealing, courageous, fascinating and funny--of her quietly psychedelic spring, her quest to understand one of our most feared drugs, and her search for a really good day"--

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Now where do I buy some LSD from...?

5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this "diary", of the authors adventures in micro-dosing LSD. Part diary, part history lesson, part manifesto, there's a lot to get your teeth into. While I knew a lot of the LSD story, having previously read Michael Pollan's How to Change Your Mind, it was interesting to revisit it all from someone else's perspective.

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I wrote most of this review right after finishing the book (Bicycle Day 2018--see below). I never posted it because I'd gone off on a rant about Cognitive Behavioral therapy and was too lazy to put the review back on track. I'm still too lazy but I found it interseting enough to tie together and post.

It's because of some article I read by her years ago, but I'd got it into my head that, like Yoko Ono is credited with ruining The Beatles, she was responsible for ruining Michael Chabon. I had always thought Mysteries of Pittsburgh and Wonder Boys his best work, which I imagined he wrote mostly pre-Ayelet. I would never have begun the current book were it not being discussed interestingly on line. And now, microdosing is a plot point in CBS TV's The Good Fight, a show about lawyers. (Coincidence?)

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