Molecular red

theory for the Anthropocene

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Molecular red (2015, Verso)

280 pages

English language

Published Aug. 18, 2015 by Verso.


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"Of all the 'liberation movements' of the twentieth century, the one that succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams did not liberate a class or a gender or a race. It liberated an element: carbon. Today, the 'carbon liberation front' threatens to crash the entire climate system. In Molecular Red, Wark looks for a way to understand, and perhaps even combat, this implacable force. He revisits the work of Alexander Bogdanov--Lenin's rival--and the great proletkult writer and engineer Andrei Platonov. In this reading, the Soviet experiment emerges from the past as an allegory for our time. Moving toward the present, Wark reads Donna Haraway's cyborg critique and science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson's Martian utopia as powerful resources for thinking what the carbon liberation front has wrought"--


  • Global environmental change
  • Social aspects
  • Atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Environmental aspects
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Philosophy
  • Criticism and interpretation
  • Labor in literature
  • Nature in literature
  • Utopias in literature
  • PHILOSOPHY / Political